Glasshouse was founded by artist Lital Dotan and photographer Eyal Perry who have been collaborating since 2001.


Their work is best described as immersive art, integrating elements of video, photography and installation into performance; challenging ideas pertaining to the role of art in society, the role of the audience in art and the very nature of art itself.

In their performative pieces they often involve the public, seriously examining public morality and the deeper, more hidden motivations behind social interactions.

In 2010 the Glasshouse project was hosted by seminal performance artist Marina Abramovic at her institute in San Francisco.

In addition to their work as Glasshouse, Lital & Eyal's works have been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries (the Israel Museum, the San Francisco Jewish Modern and the National Museum in Cracow among others) and can be found in public and private collections worldwide.

More about Lital Dotan's work could be found on her website: www.litaldotan.com