Tar Magazine (2015)

TAR Magazine (2015)

TAR Magazine (2015)

Date: 1/1/2015

TAR Online (August 2014)

TAR online (August 2014)

TAR online (August 2014) The 'Nomadic Glasshouse in South Africa' project, covered daily on TAR website

Date: 8/21/2014

NY Times blog (March 2014)

NY Times Travel Blog (March 2014)

NY Times Travel Blog (March 2014) Rachel Lee Harris mentions Glasshouse on 'In Transit' blog of NY Times.

Date: 3/4/2014

Art New England (September 2013)

Art New-England (September 2013)

Art New-England (September 2013) Sandrine Schaefer writes about Glasshouse in an article about durational performance practices

Date: 9/3/2013

White Hot Magazine (May 2013)

Whitehot Magazine (May 2013)

Lauren Xandra writes about Glasshouse and the dance theater production 'If I Were' in Whitehot Magazine.

Date: 5/1/2013

Jen Oritz (January 2013)

Narrative.ly (January 2013)

Jen Oritz writes about Lital's Daily Routines at Glasshouse on Narrative.ly

Date: 1/25/2013

THE WG NEWS (January 2013)

The WG News (January 2013)

David LaGaccia writes about the Nick Zedd Festival at Glasshouse

Date: 1/16/2013

Artslant (October 2012)

Art Slant (October 2012)

Charlie Schultz writes about Glasshouse and other artist-run spaces in Brooklyn, published October 2012 on Art Slant

Date: 10/4/2012

DNA Info (August 2012)

DNA Info (August 2012)

Meredith Hoffman writes about the upcoming opening of Glasshouse NY

Date: 8/23/2012