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Applied utopia; Cleaning the house is an artistic practice; art and life sustainability = durationality.

Sustaining our life = sustaining our art; Art should be experienced at place that allows staying.

This is a (flux) community generation; Not your bourgeoisie dream; Our home is not a fortress.

We value our independence; No prizes for life= no prizes for art.

Neo Domesticity is a laboratory; We collect empiric truths; No mediators.

Neo Domesticities is (in) movement; Temporary-Autonomous-Zone; A repeated duet of private and public; Time based dynamic interiors.

We avoid encounters with real/estate authorities; Genuine Hospital/ity; Hosting is an artistic practice.

Have some soup

-The above is a manifesto created for the first ‘Neo Domesticity Roundtable’ hosted in 2013 at Glasshouse-

Our Core Programs:


Homage Factory

The HOMAGE FACTORY is a collective, autodidactic effort, seeking to reinforce and elaborate on art-historical trajectories in performance art and to respond to the methods and modes of influential performance artists.

These performances are not attempts to reproduce past or existing performances, but are rather responses to particular concerns, aesthetics, and ideas that the performing artist identifies in the homage artist’s work. These homage performances embody the relation between past and present, and are designed to set a language based on appreciation.

Some past homage performance evenings include tribute to artists as Ana Mendieta, Allan Kaprow, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Yves Klein, Valie Export, Yoko Ono, Pina Bausch, Sarah Kane and many more.

Immersive performance.jpg

Immersive Hosting

As an extension of our hosting practice we allow guests to participate in one-to-one experiences.

The Immersive Hosting program offers participatory one-to-one performances, ranging from an hour long performance to over-night stays. This practice elaborates on roles in performance, specifically challenges the performer and audience relationship and dismantles the paradigm of spectatorship in the role of the audience.

Participants choose their experience from a menu of performances.

Edible Bodies Series- Arta Balina In Residence 2017.jpg


Hosting as artistic practice.

The residency program was launched at Glasshouse in 2009, when we were still located in Tel-Aviv and developing notions of hosting as art, exploring the possibilities that our domestic setting could add to the exchange of ideas.

Our aim is to invite art professionals (artists, curators, collectors and theoreticians) to create new challenging work in the field of performance art. Our next open call for submissions will be published here in late 2019. Check back here or join our mailing list for updates.

Past residence artists include OMNI ZONA FRANCA, Jennifer Johung (curator in residence), Nick Zedd, Karen Bößer, Sara Jane Bailes (writer in residence), Jovana Stokic (curator in residence) and many more.

Neo Domesticity Festival Scears Lee.jpg

Durational Performances

The Durational performances at Glasshouse are a result of the extensive engagement with the term "to allow staying" which is part of the Glasshouse motto "ART SHOULD BE EXPERIENCED AT A PLACE THAT ALLOWS STAYING".

This extended time frame of 3-24 hours allows performers to explore the durationability and sustainability of their performance and challenge their performative practice. It allows artists to embrace the breaking and bending points of their own piece.

Visitors, which are welcome to stay throughout the performance, are allowed an intimate view to the subtleties of a durational performance and of the performer's own state within it.

We’ve hosted dozens of 24 hours performances in the past years as well as the Neo Domesticity Performance Art Festival (2017) which was a 100 consecutive hours festival of durational performances 3-24 hours happening simultaneously throughout the house.