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Any Size Mirror is a Dictator: Homage to Allan Kaprow by PPL


Any Size Mirror is a Dictator: Homage to Allan Kaprow by PPL
Friday, October 26, 7-11 pm

PPL (Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle with Dave Ruder, Geraldo Mercado, Michael Newton, Ivy Castellanos, Jessica Bathurst, Matthew Gantt, Valerie Kuehne, Ellen O'Meara, + everyone else present) will authorize themselves to stage activity/To what extent this activity can be bracketed out artistically/Or seem to function as an agreement on a particular reality/ Will be up to the participants individually.

"Any Size Mirror is a Dictator: Homage to Allan Kaprow"

The evening begins at 7 with the sharing of drink, the artists are identified as such yet all are welcome to imbibe. As the evening progresses, PPL break down four points on two spectra, translating interpretations of Kaprow's modes into a performative process. SPECTRUM 1: empty art (the daily framed as art)<---->full art (art framed as the daily) and SPECTRUM 2: artistic ensemble/artist (authorized artists)<---->community public/un-artist (immanence). Throughout the night, PPL move "forwards" through four points along SPECTRUM 1 and "backwards" along SPECTRUM 2. The score for the four points is posted and each point takes 1 hour. Soup and a through-written 1-minute, collectively-sung opera conclude the evening. Audience members are invited to stay the full four hours, 7pm-11pm, or join the happening at any time.

PPL: Brian McCorkle and Esther Neff have been collaborating as “Panoply Performance Laboratory” or “PPL” for the past 6 years on work that combines music, anti-theater, and performance art. Each site-and-context-specific performance theorizes compositional and constructive systems, ideological structures, modes of production, and epistemic genealogies via actions. Often participatory and created in the moment with a collaborating audience, PPL performances swing violently between the hyper-structural and the indeterminate, dealing with causation, reaction, conception, cognition, and active human practices of construction and reality projection.

'Operas' and shorter-form pieces have performed in Berlin at BLO Ateliers, KuLe, Serendipity Gallery, and in homage to dolanbay at Grunthaler9, in New York City at Flux Factory, IV Soldiers, Grace Exhibition Space, Vaudeville Park, Bronx Arts Space, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, The Delancey, Gowanus Ballroom/Gowanus canal, Wildlife Gallery, as part of FIGMENT and SUPERFRONT’S Public Summer at Industry City, and many theaters (The Brick, the cell, etc), bars, parking lots, rooftops, apartments, parks, sites, and spaces. For more information visit their website: