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Everything and the Kitchen Sink: 24h Sound Performance by Fates

Everything and the Kitchen Sink
September 21st, 6pm - September 22nd, 6pm
Glasshouse Gallery, 246 Union Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211

8 microphones, 2 speakers, 3 Laptops, 2 Mixers, Cables, Live electro-acoustic treatment, Custom Audio Devices, 3 Keyboards, Drum Kit, Guitar, Midi triggers, FX pedals, 3 Cameras, 3 Projectors, 2000 Ball Bearings, 3 Bowls, Glasses, Water, 1 Kitchen Sink.


Friday, September 21st, 6pm
PREFACE: Assembly
Assembly of the audience whilst Fates activate the location sources and the installed ball-bearing device at the kitchen sink, and commence the improvised audio performance with assembly of musical equipment in the project space.

Friday, September 21st, 8pm
CHAPTER 1: Execution
Fates perform a full improvisation on the completed assembly of musical equipment in the project space, utilising keyboards, laptops, midi triggers, guitar and drums whilst manipulating the gathered sound sources from around the kitchen sink.

Saturday, September 22nd, 2am
CHAPTER 2: Nightshift
PJ Norman performs an amplified washing of the ball-bearings in the window of the gallery whilst Django Voris collects ambient recordings from inside and outside the Glasshouse.

Saturday, September 22nd, 9am
CHAPTER 3: Morning Reading
Fates present a live, electro-acoustically treated reading of ‘I Am A Strange Loop’ by Douglas Hofstadter.

Saturday, September 22nd, 12pm
CHAPTER 4: Finale
Fates gather all the material created over the previous 18 hours into the improvised finale performance.

Saturday, September 22nd, 6pm


Fates are American composer Django Voris and British-born artist PJ Norman. They met in New York City in early 2009. Their shared passion for electronic experimentation led to a set of improvisation sessions with Swiss electronic artist Moritz Wettstein. The sessions were recorded at Harvestworks, the foundation co- founded by Bob Moog to support experimental music. The recordings led to "Murky Circuits", an LP release on PJ Norman's 100m Records label imprint in 2010 which met enthusiastic reviews from the electronic music press, describing it a "post-glitch triumph" (Cyclic Defrost) and "one of the most original electronic records of the year" (The Milk Factory).

Fates now bring their improvised electronics to a Glasshouse residency in a series of 24-hour audio/visual performances utilizing the gallery, project space and apartment space as an open system to source, disseminate and interpret the electronic performance which orchestrates live ambient location recordings and re-projected visual sources from throughout the building into an audio/visual instrument and dynamic canvas simultaneously.

Glasshouse is a versatile art-space dedicated to the community at large which functions in tandem with the actual home of artist-duo Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry. First realized in Tel-Aviv in 2007, Glasshouse was founded on the basic concept that "Art should be experienced in a place that allows staying". The aim is to promote artistic experiments that encourage participation and collaboration in performance and installation art within the domestic sphere.

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