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Tuesdays: Miho Tsujii & Meg Bellanne

Tuesdays: Miho Tsujii & Meg Bellanne

Mixed Media Storytelling Performances
Curated by Amanda Hunt

Miho Tsujii is a performer and creative producer. Her solo performances intersect movement, visual art and story telling. They have been presented at and for communities around the world that have been impacted by war, nuke, gender, and cultural hybridity, whose stories she present based on her own life experiences. Miho has worked with women survivors of conflicts from around the world, particularly ‘comfort women’ survivors from throughout Asia, whose justice struggles she has supported for over a decade. Tsujii will be performing 3 of her mixed media story telling pieces.

Meg Bellanne is a visual artist and musician, both of which inform her piece "The Teeth of the Lion". Meg was formerly the lead singer and lyricist for the Berlin based band Honey and The Greek (, and was previously referred to by her stage name 'Honey'. “The Teeth of The Lion” is a spoken and sung meditation based on the artist's own sleeping dreams and larger mythological and cosmic themes, all of which aim to address what she and so many see as the “great disconnect”.