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Fan (Of Violence) by Lital Dotan

Fan (Of Violence)

Performance by Lital Dotan

An Examination of the relationship between the presence of violence, it's aesthetic of movement and the visual interpretation offered by the documentation's multiple points of view. Homage to Maya Deren's 1948 film 'Meditation on Violence’

In the center of this piece is the aesthetic dynamics between 3 elements:
The performer (Lital Dotan), The warrior (Iaido sword-artist Raab Rashi) and the FAN (a revolving documenting instalation operated by photographer Eyal Perry).

It is within this sculptural setting, that Lital Dotan shares in a detailed monologue, her never before told story of a past performance, where symbolic violence transformed into a brutal violent attack.

Performance duration is 1 hour

Entrance is $free/ suggested donation of $10/DNA at the bar

Raab Rashi has been a student of the sword for over a decade. In addition to teaching Siljun Dobup, Raab also holds a 3rd Dan rank in Kendo, and 1st Dan in Chosun Sebup. He continues his studies under Grandmanster Jin K. Seong (Kyosa 7th Dan). Raab came to the sword through his love of fantasy, historical fiction and non-fiction, and cinema. Raab is also an accomplished musical and theatrical producer and director with a degree in Arts Management from Rutgers University

Raab Rashi's website:

Lital Dotan is a performance artist and generator and co-founder of Glasshouse Art-Life-Lab in Brooklyn, NY. Together with creative partner Eyal Perry she exhibited internationally in museums and galleries (the Israel Museum, the San Francisco Jewish Modern and the National Museum in Cracow among others). In 2010 the Glasshouse project was hosted as a whole by performance artist Marina Abramovic at her institute in San Francisco for a 3 month residency. More recent exhibitions include Lumen Festival (NY), Fountain Fair (NY), Pearlstein Gallery (Philadelphia) and Akademie der kunst (Berlin).
Lital & Eyal's work is best described as interdisciplinary performative art, integrating elements of video, photography and installation into performance; challenging ideas pertaining to the role of art in society, the role of the audience in art and the very nature of art itself. In their performative pieces they often involve the public, seriously examining public morality and the deeper, more hidden motivations behind social interactions.