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Neo Domesticity Performance Art Festival

A 100 hours festival showcasing 35 durational performances.

The Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival is a 100 hour happening showcasing 35 immersive performances at the hybrid-domestic sphere of Glasshouse in Brooklyn. The festival features original works by mid-career and emerging performance artists across disciplines, including theater, dance, literature, and visual art, spread throughout the gallery space of Glasshouse in Brooklyn, which celebrates in 2017 its 10th season.

Participating artists include:

H.A.M + Ntilit (Amélie Gaulier , Dages Juvelier Keates, Rain Saukas and Alexis Steeves + Natalia Roumelioti) | Rebecca Patek | Simlâ Civelek | Hector Canonge | Miguel Olivares | Michael Freeman | Miao Jiaxin | Camila Caneque | Jill McDermid | Ethan Primason | Marie Christine Katz | Mira Treatman | Leah Aron | Barbara Ann Michaels | Verónica Peña | Rae Goodwin | Panoply Performance Laboratory- EstheR Neff, Brian McCorkle, Kaia Gilje, Anaïs Maviel and Lorene Bouboushian | Joseph Ravens | Alex Romania | Andrew Braddock | Raquel Mavecq | Alex Chêllet | Lathan Hardy | Scears Lee | Mia Schachter + Sara Jane Munford | Suzan D. Polat | Arantxa Araujo + Monique Blom| Siw Laurent | Django Voris | Lital Dotan | Sindy Butz | Stacy Lynn Smith | Anya Liftig | Jil Guyon | Katya Grokhovsky.

Curated by Lital Dotan 

Check-out the full program here:

$10 suggested donation | Door is open to the public until midnight daily throughout the festival | RSVP for night shows 12am - 9am at email.glasshouse (at)

About The Neo Domesticity Performance Art Festival:

Taking place in a domestic environment, the festival aims at the intimate/intimidating experience of a home. Works take varied time/space forms: some performances are durational and stretch in time and space or share a room with other performances; others are limited in time or confined to a small cell; while others are allowed to wander around the house, or create micro-environments of their own (by curating their own performance works). The program strives to create a dynamic landscape that fulfills contradicting features of the domestic sphere: nomadic and static, exhibitionist and intimate, public and private, host and guest, etc. 

The term NEO DOMESTICITY was coined by artist Lital Dotan in 2013 alongside a manifesto that is inspired by Glasshouse and several other art spaces in Brooklyn. It refers to a form of performance that is rooted in the daily life of the artist and becomes a hub for the performance community, bypassing the mediation of established art institutions. NEO DOMESTICITY art centers re-define the domestic settings and allow the artists to engage directly with their audiences, exploring mechanisms of sustainable practices – rather than “out of the ordinary” singular acts. These performance acts undermine the private/public dichotomy and question gendered artistic hierarchies as well as economic and political interests that maintain performance art's independency.

The Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

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