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Mold Session # 3- Mediareality of the Divine Beyond

  • 1979 glasshouse artlifelab Brooklyn United States (map)


Mold Session # 3 - Mediareality of the Divine Beyond

Performance by Alex Romania

Thursday, April 18, 9pm

The Mold Sessions are an ongoing performance practice whereby Alex Romania investigates ineffable performance states of multidimensional presence and the molding / mushrooming process of artistic practice. Romania performs amongst their current work, investigating the purging and consumptive act of performance itself - as a reflection on two years of sickness living with Bartonella, a bacterial born chronic illness of physical and neurological symptoms, Romania considers the body of artistic work and the physical body they inhabit, what is lost and what has been gained. 'Mold Session # 3 - Mediareality of the Divine Beyond' is a wandering through thought memes of sublime horror, the spectacularly mundane, pathetic spectacle, and a reckoning with pathogenic whiteness and capitalist consumer death drive as a modern day apocalyptic fantasy of the sick American psyche. Through this Mold Session, Romania unfixes a current work in the making, 'junkhead', dissolving the possession and posses-ability of work through artistic exorcism.


‘Rear Window’ attempts to challenge both the audience and performer, focusing the invited gaze through a residential window exposes participants to the "social contagion" of acting as voyeurs/spectacle; an attempt to explore the very act of looking and being looked at once isolated from the gallery/theater setting and planted in the everyday realm. The window serves as a frame of the performance as well as the surface separating between audience and performer, giving a film-like experience of the event. This series accompanies the Bed Stage series and follows many other programs such as ‘Wednesdays’ weekly performance broadcast series, and the Neo Domesticity Performance Art Festival- a durational 100 consecutive hours performance festival, each designed to further explore performance at the domestic sphere. 


Alex Romania makes multidisciplinary work at the crux of expansive task and deteriorative form, investigating bodies of cultural debris amidst the invisible everyday and toxic ingestions. Romania’s work delves into spaces of the unimaginable, staring into the unknown to consider a crude and splendid humanity, embracing the unruly to liberate the governed body. Based in NYC, Romania has presented work and taught nationally and internationally – most recently at Abrons Arts Center (NYC), Human Resources (LA), Encuentro (Lima, Peru), UV Estudios (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Pillsbury House (Minneapolis), the Center for Performance Research (NYC), and el Museo del Arte Contemporáneo (Lima). Romania is currently an artist in residence with Movement Research and looks forward to showing a new work titled 'junkhead' at Brooklyn Studios for Dance May 1-4, and reprising an old work titled 'JERK' at Grace Exhibition Space on May 17th.

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