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Glasshouse Chronology

Glasshouse had several iterations before it’s current Brooklyn-based multi-layered art-house. Learn about these here:

Prologue (2001-2007):

The Burned Forest

Phase 1 (2007)

The Virtual Glasshouse

Weekly performance at our home.
Viewed only on our website, Tuesdays @ 10pm.
“Doors” closed 1 minute after show started. No late entrances.
Duration: 9 months

Phase 2 (2008)

The Physical Glasshouse

Our entire home as an installation. 

Hosting the public. 

Exhibitions. Live performances. Opening hours. 

Guided tours in our home.

Location: 8 Hashomer Street, Tel-Aviv

Duration: 9 months (evacuated by landlord under the claim of unauthorized activity)

Phase 3 (2009)

The Glasshouse as a Laboratory

Artist-in-residence program // dynamic exhibition, educational program // long durational performances, 1/1 performances// laboratory.

open 24/7 by appointment 

Location: 3 Hashomer Street, Tel-Aviv

Duration: 12 months

Phase 4 (2010)

Glasshouse in an Art Institute

9000 square feet of empty space. Street level.

Glass window. Shower on the first floor, toilet and kitchen on the basement floor.

Entrance door no longer marks the border.

Visual transparency. Staff. No privacy.

Location: Marina Abramovic Institute West, 575 Sutter Street, San Francisco

Duration: 3 months

Creating an autonomy within an institution.

Accessible 24/7. People 24/7. Constructing time

Phase 5

The Greenhouse

Solitude/closing the door

Duration: 9 months

Daily recorded conversations.

Performance in demonstrations.

Night activity, actions for the homeless.

Unannounced daily performance titled, I Have Nothing// To Lose.

Phase 6 (2011)

Glasshouse Behind a Transparent Wall

Street level store converted into our home.

6 mm glass wall separates the interior from the exterior.

Unannounced activities. Passing-by audience. Daily practices.

Our immediate neighbors: massage parlor, lottery booth, 24/7 laundromat, 

kiosk, bus stop, bottle recycling center (frequented mostly by homeless). 

Location: 17 Allenby street, Tel Aviv

Duration: 6 months

The street as a 3D motion picture. Observing people.

Collecting garbage from our door front, sweeping the side-walk. 

Domestic activities in the public sphere. 

The glass wall: cleaning, video screening, unannounced performances.